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Apps Associates’ proprietary suite of diagnostics tools allows you to generate more value from your Oracle software through real-time control & management on one integrated console.

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SmartDog ®

Built to streamline the management of your entire IT environment, SmartDog provides diagnostics and management support through a single console. Reduce risk, gain control and increase visibility with advanced capabilities that allow your team to better manage key functional areas of your business such as operations, cost management, compliance, cost management, and more. Available through Apps Associates’ Infrastructure Managed Services (IMS), SmartDog seamlessly integrates with AWS and other support tool APIs. Conduct ticketing, view instances, and cost management with AWS. For companies leveraging Oracle Cloud applications, SmartDog is also available as part of Apps Associates’ Application Managed Services (AMS), offering easy access to support tickets, troubleshooting status, and more.

WatchDog ®

Managing a highly complex Oracle EBS or Oracle SaaS environment just got easier with WatchDog Diagnostics. WatchDog identifies critical business conditions that could undermine the operational effectiveness of your system providing the opportunity to optimize your existing investment. Eliminate guesswork and automatically conduct full system profiles and health checks to ensure the optimal configuration of your Oracle system. Delivered within the SmartDog console, WatchDog is available as part of Managed Services, or as a one-time assessment.


Managing all the customizations and extensions within your Oracle EBS environment is rife with hazards and potential for wasted spend. BloodHound Diagnostics identifies and catalogs the customizations in your Oracle EBS system to aid in decision making by providing a deeper understanding of your system. With the ongoing changes in development standards in release 12.2, BloodHound can help you understand how your customizations have been developed and identify items that don’t follow Oracle’s Development Standards. BloodHound is easily accessible through the SmartDog console or available as a one-time assessment.


Retriever is Apps Associates’ proprietary approach to Oracle software asset management, designed to help you reduce licensing risk. Available as a one-time assessment, Retriever will help your team better understand contractual obligations with Oracle. Retriever saves money and time with support on initial license assessments, audit preparation, ULA renewals/certifications, and more. Features include, “usage view,” a tool that identifies possible gaps between usage and contractual obligations and helps to reduce the risk of unknowingly triggering expensive license events. Retriever can also consolidate historical compliance information to ensure preparedness for upcoming audits.

The SmartDog console, and Apps Pack tools, are designed to drive your specific business needs. Available independently, or included as part of Infrastructure Managed Services (IMS) or Application Managed Services (AMS) from Apps Associates, there are many configurations and few dependencies. The Apps Pack places control back in the hands of your team, enabling IT environment information on demand, on your schedule.

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